Happstack is an open-source community dedicated to building the next generation of Haskell web technology. Our work includes libraries for templating, form validation, persistence, HTTP, and more. We also provide high-level frameworks built on these libraries such as Happstack Foundation and clckwrks.

We are focused on building well engineered and framework independent components which take full advantage of the expressive power, safety, and speed of Haskell. The Happstack ecosystem is under active development. We continue to explore and implement new and better techniques for creating the best possible Haskell web framework.

If you are looking for a lightweight, simple solution we recommend starting with happstack-lite. happstack-lite provides everything you need to implement a web application with out relying on template haskell, external preprocessors, or complex types. It is possible to seamlessly transition into from happstack-lite into the full happstack ecosystem -- so you are not limiting yourself by starting with happstack-lite.

If you want to mix-and-match components to build your own ultimate framework, you can use happstack-server plus many of the support libraries we provide. You can learn more on the Documentation page. Many of these components are explored in detail in our online book The Happstack Crash Course.

If you aren't looking to roll your own solution, and would prefer a nicely packaged up solution which provides HTML-syntax templates, type-safe URLs, type-safe form generation and validation, javascript integration, and more, then be sure to check out happstack-foundation.

If you are looking for a high-level blogging/CMS platform then you should check out clckwrks.

Happstack is open source software licensed under the BSD3 license. Significant funding and development are contributed by SeeReeason Partners, LLC.